This blog is basically a series of essays abridged from a paper for the IETM network about art and the economy – which is in draft form and will be shared at the IETM conference in Dublin this spring. It is part of a series of papers looking at the link between art and society called Fresh Perspectives. The aim of the blog is to get feedback on the paper with a view to maybe publish something properly later in the summer. If you don’t want to comment on the blog email

After much debate about how the state of the economy is affecting the arts, the aim of the paper has been to look at how art might be able to affect the economy. We start off by looking at critiques of the economy, then the three posts linked to in this post look at how artists are responding. Finally we look at the challenges this poses the cultural sector and think about some recommendations.

If you’d rather just read the paper, it’s here as a PDF.

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